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I. Scope and definitions of TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

These TERMS AND CONDITIONS (the “Terms”) govern your use of website (the “Website”) owned exclusively by Ltd. (Address: 7400 Kaposvár, 1 Petőfi Square, Reg. no.. 14-09-313431, the “”).

Felhasználónak (a továbbiakban: a „Felhasználó”) minősül minden olyan nagykorú természetes vagy jogi személyiséggel rendelkező gazdasági társaság vagy egyéb szervezet, aki a Weboldalat felkeresi, azon jegyet vásárol, vagy feliratkozik a Weboldal hírlevelére. Kiskorú személyek nem minősülnek felhasználónak. Kiskorú természetes személyek a Weboldalt felkereshetik, annak tartalmával megismerkedhetnek, azonban jegyet nem vásárolhatnak, nem iratkozhatnak fel a Weboldal hírlevelére, és nem vehetik igénybe a Weboldal által nyújtott szolgáltatásokat és nem vehetnek részt a Paintcocktail rendezvényeken sem, ez alól kivételt képez a PaintCocktail Junior rendezvény, valamint a zártkörű programok. Kiskorú személyek a PaintCocktail Junior elnevezésű programon szülői engedéllyel vehetnek részt. Ha kiskorú vendég érkezik a programra, minden esetben (akár Junior, akár zártkörű, akár nyilvános PaintCocktail programon vesz részt) a kiskorú szülője vagy hivatalos gyámja minősül Felhasználónak.

By using, visiting, or browsing the Website, as well as by subscribing to the newsletter, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms, you should not use the services of, including the Website. By accepting the Terms in the above way you also accept to be bound to follow the eventual changes of the Terms. The owner/operator of the Website is entitled to unilaterally change the Terms at any time. The amended Terms comes into effect on the date of publiching the revised Terms on the Website. The operator of the Website may also be called “PaintCocktail” both in the Terms and on the Website.

The User is obliged to provide realistic data. If PaintCocktail discovers that the user's data does contain unrealistic elements (as well), it is entitled to restrict the User’s access partially or in its entirety.


II. Definitions

Operator: Ltd.

Tickets: purchasing tickets to the Event through the Website

Gifts: purchasing gift items (eg. apron, gift card) through the Website

Subscribing: the subscription of the User to the newsletter of the Website

Service: a social painting experience as well as providing transaction opportunities through the Website.

Event: a social painting program by PaintCocktail at a given date/time/venue.

Website: and all its microsites

Instructor: the person preparing, conducting and coordinating the Event.


III. Operation of PaintCocktail

PaintCocktail is a social painting experience, during which the User - with the help and assistance of PaintCocktail’s Instructor - creates a painting. There are more Events, each with a painting preselected by PaintCocktail. The User may select from the given date, location, painting or availability.


Factors subject to change: the date, time, location, Instructor and structure of the Event may be subject to change.

The paint, canvas, easel, brushes, apron and instructor may change from event to event without prior notice.

PaintCocktail will do its best to eliminate the effects of such a change with regard to the Event.


Duration: PaintCocktail will make every effort to begin the instruction at the designated start time and complete the instruction in under 2-2,5 hours, however the duration of the Event may occasionally change.


End result: PaintCocktail makes no representations or warranties about the quality of the painting - it cannot guarantee that the painting will be exactly as or similar to the picture of the original painting published on the Website.


The paintings found on the PaintCocktail Website were developed for PaintCocktail and they are protected by copyrights. It is against the law to use, reproduce or copy them. Any unauthorized use of PaintCocktail paintings are strictly prohibited.


Cancellation: The event will be cancelled if there are less than 8 guests. PaintCocktail informe the User in e-mail.


Norms of behaviour

The norms of behavior accepted at the Event and/or on the Website implies to the User not to infringe intentionally or unintentionally in words or in deeds other Users with regard to their race, sex, religion, identity, humanity.


IV. Tickets

Purchasing of tickets, cancellations

  • The purchasing process may be initiated by clicking on the “Buy ticket” button at the Website.
  • For the successful purchase the User must provide the following details:
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Postal code
  • Purchasing of a ticket will be done through the system of Braintree or PayPal, the User is bound to accept the terms and conditions of Braintree or PayPal respectively when purchasing a ticket.
  • An electronic invoice via the online invoicing system of will be provided by the Operator to the User by email to the email address given by the User.
  • The User will be informed about the purchase by the Operator in an email to the email address given by the User. The email includes:
    • the date and time
    • the location
    • the preselected painting
    • the name of the instructor
  • Modification: the User is bound to redeem their ticket(s) on the "Reshedule your tickets" site: 72 hours before the Event at the latest. With the redemtion, the User will receive a coupon code which can be used in the following two months to another Event, dependent on the vacancy. Other ways of cancellation (via Facebook, email, phone) will not be accepted. If the User do not redeem the tickets until 72 hours before the Event on the Website, the cancellation will not be accepted. The price of the tickets already paid can not be paid back in case of modification, cancellation or otherwhise.



  • On the Website - besides purchasing tickets to a social painting experience - the User may purchase gift items, as well.
  • Purchasing of a gift will be done through the system of Braintree or PayPal, the User is bound to accept the terms and conditions of Braintree or PayPal respectively when purchasing a gift.
  • An electronic invoice via the online invoicing system of will be provided by the Operator to the User by email to the email address given by the User.
  • Upon the request of the User, the gift card will be sent by the Operator to the User per post at no additional cost. Other gift items (eg. gift card in a box) should be collected personally from the Instructor at the Event.
  • PaintCocktail cannot be held liable for the quality of the Gifts.



  • PaintCocktail may offer special promotional tickets or price reduction on selected gift items. PaintCocktail reserves the right to modify, terminate or otherwise amend the offered promotional tickets/gifts.
  • Some of these promotional tickets are offered by third parties (e.g. coupon offers). PaintCocktail is not responsible for the terms and conditions or privacy policy of such third parties.
  • A 2016-os GLAMOUR-napok 20%-os kedvezménye 2016. április 7-9. között érvényes.


V. Newsletter

  • During the use of the Website, the User may subscribe to the Newsletter in order to be able to inform the User about any information, possibilities, news, offers, new products or services related to PaintCocktail.
  • Using the Newsletter-service as well as all data provided by the User for this services is in any case voluntary.
  • The Operator keeps a record of all personal data provided by the User. Any data recorded may only be given to a third party with the prior consent of the User.
  • By providing the Operator with personal data, the User authorises the Operator to handle these data - until the withdrawal of this consent - in accordance with the Law CXII of 2011 on the right to self-determination and freedom of information as well as in accordance with the Law CVIII of 2001 concerning certain aspects of ecommerce services and information society services.
  • The User may unsubscribe the Newsletter with no restriction and without explanation at any time with no additional cost. In this case the Operator will with no delay delete all data of the User from its records. The user may withdraw his/her consent by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button in the Newsletter.


VI. Social media

There may be an opportunity to link the Website with the Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram account of the User. If you choose to connect your account with any social media accounts, you will be able to take advantage of being part of the PaintCocktail society on the given social media site, including sharing materials (e.g. photos, picture of the painting, videos) where the User will be recognisable. For example, the User’s friends and others who have access to view information about the User will be able to see that the User is part of the PaintCocktail society.

There may be picture and sound recording during the Event that PaintCocktail may use for marketing purposes. If the User does not want PaintCocktail to use any footage of him/her, the User shall inform the PaintCocktail instructor about it at the venue of the Event.


VII. Liability

PaintCocktail guarantees under no circumstances that the service (including the Website and all related content, as well as the Event) wil be uninterrupted or error-free. The User agrees that PaintCocktail may eliminate or modify any or all aspects of the service or the Event provided by PaintCocktail including features, without compensation or notice to the User. This concerns especially the services of PaintCocktail’s service partners, the paintings created during the Event and tools used during the Event.

PaintCocktail assumes no liability or responsibility for any of the following:

  • errors or omissions in the content of the Website or the PaintCocktail Event
  • recommendations or advice of customer service
  • any failure or interruption in the availability of the Website and/or PaintCocktail Event
  • delivery and/or availability of any content (e.g. gift items) displayed on the Website


Consumption of food and beverages at the Event is subject to the offer of the given venue. The cost of consumption of lies with the User, it is not included in the PaintCocktail ticket prices.

PaintCocktail is not responsible for the food & beverage quality or quantity, it is the responsibility of the venue.


VIII. Governing law and supervisory bodies

Relationship between the Operator and User is governed by Hungarian law. The parties stipulate the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in accordance with the Operator's headquarters in the event of a dispute.

Consumer complaints of the User about the Service can be reported at the competent authority of consumer protection, whereas electronic advertisements related complaints at the communications authority.

Contact details of the National Authority for Consumer Protection at: 1364 Bp., Pf. 144;

Contact details of the National Media and Communications Authority: 1525 Budapest, Pf., 75;


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In case of any further question or complaint please contact us at: