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Who we are?

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We have toasted and painted
in more than 30 locations

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We made more than
10000 people smile

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We had fun and created paintings
in more than 5000 hours

Our goal is to get our participants to relax, help them break away from the monotone weekdays and enjoy a releasing experience at our events. We transform popular clubs and restaurants in Budapest into entertaining workshops, where you can create the given painting on a canvas with the assistance of a professional instructor, while you toast with your friends. At the end of the evening you can leave with your own canvas painting and with an unforgettable experience!


The idea of establishing PaintCocktail came from a young Hungarian who grew up on the country side in Kaposvár, the city of some of the most famous Hungarian painters (József Rippl-Rónai, János Vaszary). He believes that painting combined with entertaining can be an enjoyable alternative to ordinary relaxation forms. So we created the 2-hour long recreational cult program, where everybody can experience painting a canvas picture without any special skills. Have a try with us!

marketing director
PaintCocktail quote
I never thought I would enjoy painting that much. I can’t wait to put my own painting on my wall! Next time I’ll bring my friends too…
PaintCocktail quote
I wouldn’t have thought it would be possible but friends of mine with totally different backgrounds really enjoyed painting. Everyone for a different reason. It was a liberating experience!
PaintCocktail quote
The last time I tried painting something was in high school but the result was never as good as I had wanted it to be. PaintCocktail was an unbelievably positive experience!