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PaintCocktail is an exciting cultural program, which combines painting and entertainment in a very special way. Create your own picture in a fantastic atmosphere with the help of our professional instructor: no special skills required. Because you can paint!
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What is PaintCocktail?

PaintCocktail Entertainment


The time spent on entertainment is really precious. That’s why you get a unique combination of party and meaningful recreation at PaintCocktail – but without the boring parts. Order your favourite cocktail, chat with your friends and PAINT!

PaintCocktail Creating


Who once tried, already know: painting is a ’lifetime experience’. But instead of a sterile studio, we choose a cozy venue for this night, so you can immerse in painting and creating with professional assistance. Find the painter in yourself!

PaintCocktail Gift


You can hang your canvas painting on your wall and it can be a personal gift to someone as well. This kind of surprise is really hard to find!

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